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Artichoke & Chard Savory Pie

January 11, 2012


In the U.S. when I hear the word pie the smell of baked fruit and cinnamon floods my nostrils. Visions of warm apples in a golden crust topped with melting vanilla ice cream come to mind. In Rome, I think of torta rustica or savory pie. It’s hard to imagine that the Romans made savory pie-like pastries during […]

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Vegetarian Rosemary White Bean Soup

December 18, 2011


When I found out that my good friend Elena would be going to NYC for three months, I immediately told her to block a day for lunch. With the chilly weather in Rome descending upon us, it was soup time, rosemary white bean soup to be precise.  I was inspired by Ina Garten’s recipe in […]

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Lemon Daal, Un-Italian Comfort Food

November 18, 2011


Shopping at food markets around Rome is always inspirational to me. I love to cook and when I feel like making something un-Italian, I head over to the market at Piazza Vittorio. It offers local and seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as international ingredients. After a quick chat with my go-to-spice vendor, I decided […]

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